Terms & Conditions for A "Credit account"


  1. The Customer has filled, and signed the "Credit Account Application Form"

  2. The Customer has read, understood, and agrees to these terms and conditions for the operation, establishment and use of a "Credit account"

  3. The Customer has a fixed job (working 6months or more) at an Aruban registered company

  4. The Customer must notify Jardin Caribe Flowershop of any change in the signed "Credit application form" of the Customer. (e.x. change in workplace, personal telephone, or address)

  5. The Customer has 2 months (60days) to comply with pending payments. If the amount due is not paid within 2 months, Jardin Caribe Flowershop considers this as an overdue account, and has the right to collect late penalty fees, and other collection costs. Jardin Caribe Flowershop can also take legal actions if client fail to adhere to the "terms and conditions"

  6. When our "home billing service" is used, the following will apply: Orders taken on the first day of the month, till the 25th day of the month, will be collected at the end of the same month. Orders taken on the 26th day of the month, till the end of the month, will be collected till the end of the following month.

  7. If the "Credit Account" is left inactive for more than 1 year (365 days), the account will expire, and will be unavailable of use. 

  8. For protection of the client, orders will be granted credit only if the card message states the first, and last name of the Customer who has sign the "Credit Application Form". If the client desire to sent orders as an anonymous sender, the client must pay, or sign the order(s) in person.